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Vacuum repairs completed in-house

Metro Sew & Vac has been providing expert repairs since 1973 and offers full-service warranties with every purchase. Repairs are guaranteed on all brands of vacuum cleaners.

Metro Sew & Vac has factory certified technicians who will complete all vacuum repairs in-house. When you bring your vacuum in for repairs, they will be completed in a timely manner, so you get your machine back as soon as possible.

Parts always in stock

There are 1,000s of vacuum parts available for purchase. The parts can be for repairs or extensions for your current vacuum and our experts will provide you with advice for all your cleaning needs.

Old and new vacuums

You can purchase new and old commercial model vacuums from Metro Sew & Vac. Full-service warranties are available with every purchase of a vacuum and you are guaranteed the best prices.

Repairs are guaranteed


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